ISSP [2022] : Restoring Mrigadayavan Palace: Understanding Causes of Concrete Deterioration and Determining Viable Concrete Rehabilitation Methods

Over time, Mrigadayavan Palace has faced the effects of deterioration on concrete structures, specifically on the concrete columns, ceiling panels, and walkways. The ultimate goal of the project was to help preserve and rehabilitate the damaged concrete by exploring various concrete restoration techniques and determining viable methods, as requested by Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation to complete a restoration project for the palace’s 100th anniversary in 2024. Throughout the project, the team collected both qualitative and quantitative information through observation, fieldwork, research, and alternative case studies. The collected data were then analyzed to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of the problem that the palace is facing to provide the most viable method of restoration. The team developed a decision tree according to extensive criteria for evaluating and determining which techniques achieved the desired outcome outlined by the foundation. In addition, web pages, QR codes, and pamphlets were produced as educational materials for the palace visitors to learn more about the historical restoration of concrete structures.