ISSP [2015] : Preservation of the traditional handcrafted paa sin dteen jok in Haad Siew, Sukhothai

Our goal was to identify the causes in the lost popularity of Paa Sin Dteen Joktraditional production process in Haad Siew subdistrict, Sukhothai province and to determine the most effective promotional methods that would contribute on increasing the appreciation of the general public towards traditionally handcrafted Paa Sin Dteen Jok. We found that the traditional production process of Paa Sin Dteen Jok is on the verge of being lost due to the emergence of industrialization, which leads to an extensive price competition within the market and therefore, resulting in the loss of incentives for new generations to pursue such tradition. The project then aimed to raise the Paa Sin Dteen Jok textile products to the upper market by capturing the population’s attention through stimulation the 100% handcrafted Paa Sin Dteen Jok production in order to help sustainably preserve the tradition as well as the local economy system. Using interviews, survey questionnaires, archival research, and direct observations we identified that much of the general population are unaware of the 100% handcrafted Paa Sin Dteen Jok production process which led to the decrease of its value and demand. We designed postcards and bookmarks as well as suggested recommendations for our sponsor, the Sukhothai College of Dramatic Art, Haad Siew weaving center, and the relevant authorities. These recommendations can be expanded upon to help in the preservation of the traditional handcrafted process of Paa Sin Dteen Jok.