ISSP [2015] : Preventing Thai Teen Pregnancy Through Digital Media

Thailand has experienced a steep rise in teenage pregnancies over the last decade. Teen mothers are more likely to struggle to support themselves financially than older women, making them more dependent on the government for monetary support. In addition to financial consequences, teen mothers and their babies face severe health risks related to the pregnancy. This project’s goal was to reduce Thai teen pregnancy by promoting safe sexual practices through digital media. After analyzing existing Thai digital media for a message gap related to teenage pregnancy, the team found that no videos encouraged teens to talk about contraception with their sexual partner. After extensive background research and several interviews with social marketing and video production experts, and a government public health director, the team produced a30 second Thai video encouraging teens aged 15-19 in Bangkok to have discussions related to contraception use with their partner. In order to gauge the efficacy of this video, the team measured teens’ short-term attitude changes towards this message by administering surveysto147 teenagers before and after the teens watched the video. Analysis of the survey results revealed that the video was effective in positively changing teens’ short-term attitudes towards discussing contraception. From this analysis, the team composed recommendations for continued research of this video as a part of the solution to teen pregnancy in Thailand.