ISSP [2013] : Applying Technology in a Bangkok Slum: CCTV Systems to Benefit the Khlong Toei Community

The Khlong Toei slum is Bangkok’s oldest and largest slum, whose residents face issues such as poverty, crime, drug abuse and fire. Local authorities and charities such as the Duang Prateep Foundation, our project sponsor, have been working towards solving these issues. Recently, some Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems have been installed by diverse authorities to help address these issues. However, this resulted in confusion regarding camera owners and purposes in the Khlong Toei community due to the lack of communication between the authorities and the residents. The goal of this project was to promote better understanding and use of the CCTV systems in the Khlong Toei slum. We determined owners, purposes and consequences of the CCTV systems in Khlong Toei and created informative media to provide this information to the public. Additionally, we provided recommendations for making the CCTV systems more useful to the community.