Register for COVID-19 Vaccination for New Students

Let's Vaccinate

Open for reservation for the 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccination! You can select time slot that you are available to receive COVID-19

vaccine from July 12-23, 2021.

👉For new undergraduate students, bookings will be open from 6 – 10 July 2021.

👉For new graduate students, bookings will be open from 8-10 July 2021.

Via CU NEX Application only!

Booking methods and conditions for vaccination❗️

1. Students must be 18 years of age on the date of vaccination. If you are under 18, you will not be vaccinated, according to the

standards of the Ministry of Public Health.

2. The vaccine you receive is provided from Thai government. Chulalongkorn University reserves all the rights to select which

vaccine will be given. In case of medical conditions, medical staff will advise which vaccine you will receive.

3. Please print and fill in the consent form and bring the form (please print the form in front and back) and your passport on your

appointment date to speed up your vaccination process. The form can be downloaded at

(If you cannot print out the consent form, the form is available at the Vaccination Service Center. Please bring your own pen for

safety hygiene.)

4. Please download application “Mohprom” for your convenience of vaccine registration.



💉What to do before getting a vaccine
• Have enough sleep
• Please wear short sleeve shirt that can have easy access to get vaccinated.
• Please inform a doctor if you have a history of medical conditions or severe allergies.

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