ISSP [2023] : Resoring Mrigadayavan Palace: Understanding the Causes of the Wood Deterioration Process and Providing Guidelines for the Protection of Old Wooden Buildings

At the Mrigadayavan Palace, the problem of wood deterioration due to the growth of fungi is becoming the main focus of the restoration plan. This problem is the main obstacle to preserving the palace’s authenticity while retaining most of the original old wood. Hence, the main goal of this project is to help the Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation understand the causes of wood deterioration by mold and recommend an appropriate maintenance plan. To accomplish this, the team analyzed the information obtained through observations, research, case studies, and interviews with the palace staff and various experts in fungi and wood. Through the process, we have gained insights and valuable information. We prepared an easy-to-understand report on how mold decays wood for our sponsor, together with recommendations for preventive actions to stop wood decay by mold. We also provided a user-friendly guideline to evaluate the effectiveness of mold preventative options for future restoration work.