ISSP [2023] : Awareness and Attitudes Toward HIV Self-Testing in People 18-22 Living in Bangkok

The aim of this project was to assist this project’s sponsor, the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, in addressing the lack of awareness of HIV self-testing (HIVST) in Bangkok among people aged 18-22 years old. A survey, whose questions were influenced by interviews with HIV experts and a focus group of 5 Chulalongkorn University (CU) students from different disciplines was conducted to measure HIVST awareness, perceived risk of HIV, and general HIV knowledge across different age groups and educational institutions. The majority of respondents were CU students. Table-sitting and Instagram posting, especially by influencers, were effective methods to spread awareness. 72% to 85% of participants answered questions regarding HIV knowledge correctly, but only 33% of people knew about HIVST. Average perceived risk was also only 1.6 out of 10. The project team recommends having an influencer post about HIVST to raise awareness, conducting table-sittings to change the target population’s perceived risk of HIV, not spending time or resources on general HIV knowledge, and closely examining the subset of the target population that is aware of HIVST and has a high perceived risk of HIV.