ISSP [2022] : Designing a Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem Management for Communities in the South of Thailand

Koh Klang, a community located along the coastline of Krabi province, has severely suffered from the impacts of coastal erosion, as a result of climate change. The issue poses consequences to biodiversity loss and puts humans’ lives in jeopardy. Moreover, as the erosion results in the loss of land areas, the locals’ residences are also being destroyed. However, it is found that only certain actions provided by the governmental organizations to minimize the impacts have been carried out. Locals still have to find solutions by themselves, which is to repeatedly migrate and search for new living places.

This study aims to design sustainable coastal ecosystem management for the communities in Krabi. It requires a site visit to identify and carry out discussions with the locals, as well as acquiring hands-on experiences, to fully acknowledge and understand the actual problem occurring in the Koh Klang community. After visiting the community, interviewing relevant organizations and performing background research, the team discovered that the key issue is the inefficient coordination and the lack of a full understanding of each other’s perspectives between involved parties on solving the issue of coastal erosion. Therefore, the team will propose a strategy for approaching the involved parties, comprising the locals and relevant governmental organizations, to understand the diverse perspectives and take account of the coastal erosion issues.