ISSP [2021] : Pilot Study for the SATI Foundation to Track Northern Thai Youth on Substance Abuse, Mental and Physical Health, and Runaway Situations

In Thailand, around 52 children were reported of being sexually, psychologically, or physically abused, or exploited each day. The SATI Foundation has asked us to find a way to predict the vulnerability level of youth from demographic data. For this, we conducted a pilot study to collect data and data management processes through which geographic regions or districts can be identified where the help of the SATI Foundation is most needed. Concerned areas are substance abuse, mental and physical abuse, and runaway situations in youth ages 9 to 15 at the SATI Foundation’s partner schools in Northern Thailand. in Northern Thailand. Students were surveyed to probe their resilience, attitude, and knowledge of the four specified risk behaviors and their consequences and the collected responses to identify students with low resilience scores based on our scoring sheet system.