ISSP [2020] : Improving Efficiency of the Process of Oil Analysis Program at S•O•S ℠ Laboratory in Indonesia

Lubricant plays a very important role in machinery. It can be compared to the blood that nourishes the body of human. Therefore, regularly checking the lubricant oil is important for the machine to be able to continue working efficiently. The oil analysis program is therefore created to enable machine users to know the efficiency and condition of lubricant oil to prevent damage that may occur in the future. With new technology, oil analysis can be simpler and more efficient. P.T. Trakindo Utama desires to improve the efficiency of their oil analysis facility. We conducted a study, made observation, and interviewed laboratory personnel to access the current problems. Along with analyzing the obtained data, we proposed solutions and provided some recommendation for P.T. Trakindo Utama to incorporate into their current and future program such as updating testing equipment and improving testing methodology to achieve a new level of processing efficiency, shorter turn-around time, at reasonable break-even-point.