ISSP [2018] : Eco-innovation from Reishi Mushroom Residue at the First Royal Factory, Fang, Chiang Mai

Due to the unavoidable by-product of manufacturing process of producing concentrated reishi mushroom juice at Doi Kham Food Products Co., Ltd., the expensive mushroom cannot be fully utilized, and the residues are without any value. The goal of our project is to develop the most suitable plan for turning the reishi mushroom residue into a valuable product. Based on our evaluation of Doi Kham’s expectations and needs of the Ban Yang community, we proposed 3 plans. Firstly, the Center of Analysis for Product Quality (CAPQ) will determine the chemical components from the residue. Secondly, the input reishi mushroom can be cut into small pieces to increase the surface area to obtain more concentrated juice. Lastly, the remaining mushroom after grinding will be turned into two new products namely noodle and paper. This paper can be reuse as packaging material.