ISSP [2017] : Designing a Learning Center of Traditional Rice in Sakon Nakhon

Rice is one of the most important product and has been widely used in all over regions of Thailand especially in central and north-eastern part. From the past until now, the traditional rice varieties have been crossbred into the new rice varieties called ‘hybrid’, which was used dominantly these days. With this transition, the use of traditional rice varieties has been reducing from more than five thousands to only fews hundreds rice varieties now. With this problem, students in this generation cannot understand and realize the importance of traditional rice varieties. This leads to the lack of awareness about the traditional rice varieties. Students in Tao Ngoi Pattanasuksa school located in Sakon Nakhon are also facing this problem which needs to be resolved. Therefore,┬áthe goal of our project is to raise awareness and knowledge about the value of traditional rice among students in Tao Ngoi Pattanasuksa school through the design of learning center in the school.