ISSP [2017] : Assessing Options for Re-establishing Culturally Appropriate Gardens at Mrigadayavan Palace in a Water Scarce Environment, Cha-am, Phetchaburi

Freshwater sources were abundant in the Mrigadayavan Palace area until industrial and coastal developments influenced the quality of water in the Palace. The goal of our project is to maintain the Mrigadayavan Palace’s legacy and tradition by investigating the factors affecting water quality and quantity. We have completed this goal by analyzing the availability of water and impurities and the factors impacting the water sources, and investigating public opinion on man-made structures. Our team produced an informational video and sign about the effects of the man-made structures. We concluded that the area’s water became brackish due to the jetties allowing seawater to flow further inland through the canals to nourish the artificial mangrove forests.