ISSP [2015] : Evaluating Hill Tribe Forest Management: A Case Study of Amphoe Galyani Vadhana

This project studied hill tribe forest management in Amphoe Galyani Vadhana (AGV), a district in Northern Thailand, in support of hill tribes’rightsto reside on and use conserved forest land. In collaboration with Raks Thai Foundation, the project team of four WPI and four Chulalongkorn University students conducted interviews and observations in Tambons Baan Chan and Chaem Luang, two sub-districts in AGV. Mainly through coding, interviews and creation of an entitlement map, the team concluded that hill tribe villagers rely on the conserved forest land for their livelihoods and manage the forest effectively through traditional practices and GIS maps. The team recommends using GIS mapping to support hill tribes’ right store side on and use conserved forest areas throughout Thailand.