ISSP [2011] : Teaching Educators about Sustainable Development: Developing an Effective Series of Informational Brochures and Educational Videos on Wood Vinegar, Biofertilizers, and Biogas

The Office of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn‟s Projects has implemented several sustainable development projects at educational demonstration sites throughout Thailand that use environmentally friendly practices to minimize the depletion of resources. This organization seeks to disseminate these innovative practices to educators who visit the demonstration sites from neighboring Asian countries. To learn how to spread this knowledge, the project team conducted questionnaires and interviews about the success of one of the demonstration sites located at the Na Yao schools. As a result, the team developedinformational brochures and educational videos in both Thai and in English on the wood vinegar, biofertilizers and biogas practices that can be distributed to the educators who visit demonstration sites with these projects. These media will help open effective channels of information distribution and teach educators who visit these sites about the benefits of sustainable development and self-reliance.