ISSP [2011] : Breast Cancer in Thailand: Developing Effective and Acessible Media for Integrative Therapies

Breast cancer patients face a number of challenges that begin during the diagnostic process and last long after they finish medical treatment. Integrative therapies, which are any therapies that support medical treatments, have the potential to alleviate many of thesechallenges. The goal of this project was to help the Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group and the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer develop effective and accessible media about integrative therapies for breast cancer patients and survivors. In order to do this, we conducted interviews with breast cancer survivors and integrative therapy providers to better understand patientsā€˜ experiences of breast cancer and how integrative therapies could benefit them. We also performed a comparative study of the content and structure of the media that we decided to develop, DVDs and DVD menus, to ensure that the media we created was appropriate for our message and audience. Our DVD addresses only integrative therapies that are evidence-based, complementary to cancer treatment, and consistent with a healthy lifestyle. We also made recommendations for future website development to help our sponsors better meet their goal of informing breast cancer patients about implementing a comprehensive treatment approach.